You don’t take a photograph, you make it.
— Ansel Adams

A handful of years ago it became necessary for me to expand my abilities into the 2D realm of photography. I couldn't afford to hire a professional photographer every time I created something, and the demand as an independent photographer was steadily increasing in my industry. It became necessary to be able to shoot product photography of jewelry and accessories in many different styles and to also be able to take extravagant marketing campaign images, so I bought my camera and equipment and took one-on-one lessons with real-world photographers and went to photography workshops to learn about the specifics of lighting and other neat tricks. I have advanced graphic design skills, so the post-production is fun and easy for me. Currently I am a  jewelry photographer for a few companies/designers. I'm always taking on new projects and working with new people. If you need some pictures taken, feel free to reach out via the form at the bottom of this page.


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