Angelina Smith, formerly Angelina Ciulik, formerly Angelina Krajewski. 

Angelina Lecturing @ The Bowers Museum

Angelina Lecturing @ The Bowers Museum

Angelina Smith has been working in the Jewelry and Entertainment industries for over 8 years, in which time she has fabricated pieces for artists such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Cher, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Janet Jackson, and many others. Through her experience in the industry she is able to interpret designs and translate them into reality according to the physical properties of metal; It takes years of working with the material to understand its specific qualities and constraints.

She has always had a love for metal and jewelry, but itʼs really been her training and skills acquired through a BFA degree in Metal Design at CSULB that have been crucial to functioning in the jewelry and entertainment industries. During her time at CSULB she was approached to fabricate multiple snuff boxes for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and thus began her journey into the world of entertainment design.

Currently Angelina is navigating the changing market demands and is available to speak to groups of students and/or professionals on the following subjects:

  • Career Highlights

    • Angelina recaps some of the most notable projects of her career with in-process behind-the-scenes photographs and secret details about hurdles and pitfalls one encounters when working in a high-stress deadline oriented industry.

  • Jewelry Pricing Techniques

    • There are many different techniques to price jewelry. In this lecture, Angelina breaks down industry jewelry pricing into a basic formula with variables then modifies it based on what other companies are using with focus toward sustainability.

  • What happens after graduation? (for students)

    • This question gets asked quite often by students transitioning into their professional careers. Hear it from someone who has stumbled through the pitfalls first hand. Learn how to market your skills to secure a job in the jewelry industry.


Angelina's Current Direction of Work:

The HardWear Jewelry Collection


I am actively engaged with the enigma that is the doorknob.
By character, it lends itself to many different representations to people and to the human condition. It shares, among them, relationships that connote: passage, safety, access, security, secrets, departure, escape or ownership

A doorknob may symbolize a barricade to one's access to another realm, something to prevent someone or something from getting in or something to keep it in. It can define a personal defense, to ward off an attack or assault. It can protect against peril, contain secrets or be used to unleash them.

The doorknob is an object that can transcend its original purpose and be transformed into an entity, a tiny conceptual existence. By creating a visual interior space I am able to reflect on a moment, memory or concept, and give it permanence and strength in metal..

The Hardwear Jewelry Collection is composed of production jewelry items celebrating symbols of security and privacy pulled from working with doorknobs and other materials from demolition sites in Los Angeles and around the US. The jewelry is designed to make the wearer feel at ease, utilizing doorknobs, locks & related hardware elements.









Below are snapshots of some one-of-a-kind doorknobs fabricated into boxes and lockets. Keep them in mind for weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.

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